The existence and enjoyment of our furniture in the international market since 1947, suggested that we should make it available to customers who seek and enjoy design, quality and finish, for those seeking an informal luxury, without pretensions, and provide warmth thanks to the natural materials used, and getting to be seen as pieces of desire.


Experiences and Opinions from some of our clients

Experiences and Opinions from some of our clients

“It has been a pleasure and a satisfaction to have decorated our house with Muba furniture, which makes them elegant but at the same time simple, for the quality and finish of their materials, which makes them fully functional, and for their craftsmanship, which makes exclusive and inimitable.” J.L. Marbella

“Dear Sirs: Through this letter I want express the satisfaction that it represents for my being a client of Muba, not only for his cordiality and kindness in the deal but also for the quality of the furniture available, both in the materials used and in its finished. Slender, elegant and strong they remain with the passage of time as if they had just acquired them. Without a doubt, a great success. Sincerely.” D.D.D Barcelona

“I fell in love when I saw the store for the first time. The beauty of its furniture, its elegance, I would love to have a bigger house to be able to have more furniture(…), all different but perfectly combinable. I hope you will continue betting for some precious furniture” M.S.A. Madrid

Original Designs

Since 1947 Mehitablel Furniture Inc has the best designers, adapting to consumer trends


Each piece is made with the best materials with a strict quality control for máximum

Special Finishes

Details, finishes, softness in the textures, etc, make each piece unique

Natural Materials

The use of natural materials, very flexible, and their combination in each piece make them very attractive.


Very comfortable designs is a very relevant aspect, in addition to making us fell comfortable with the decoration.